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Saturday, April 26th 3:30 PM
Kenny's Castaways, 157 Bleecker Street, 212-979-9762
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Free and open to the public

“The dreamers dream from the neck up, their bodies securely strapped to the electric chair. To imagine a new world is to live it daily, each thought, each glance, each step, each gesture killing and recreating, death always a step in advance. To spit on the past is not enough. To proclaim the future is not enough. One must act as if the past were dead and the future unrealized. One must act as if the next step were the last, which it is. Each step forward is the last, and with it a world dies, one’s self included. We are here of the earth never to end, the past never ceasing, the future never beginning, the present never ending. The never-never world which we hold in our hands and see and yet is not ourselves. We are that which is never concluded, never shaped to be recognized, all there is and yet not the whole, the parts so much greater than the whole that only God the mathematician can figure out...” - ?????

Know where this quote comes from? Come to Kenny's on the 26th and find out. You’re invited in. Come. Be a part of the Enclave.

CLAY McLEOD CHAPMAN is the creator of the Pumpkin Pie Show, a rigorous storytelling session backed by its own live soundtrack. He is the author of rest area, a collection of short stories, and miss corpus, a novel. Chapman is currently working on the book for a new musical with Grammy award winning musician Bruce Hornsby, titled SCKBSTD – as well as HOSTAGE SONG, a new indie-rock musical with Obie-award winning musician Kyle Jarrow, that is currently being preformed at the Kraine Theater in the East Village.

BRIAN FRANK was born in 1973 in Detroit. As a teenager he was a skateboarder in Nashville. From ages 18 to 23 he lived as a Hare Krishna monk in India and abroad. He later attended Parsons School of Design. Taking inspiration from dressing the deities of Krishna Frank founded and designed for an award winning womens’ ready-to-wear company. He is writing his first book, a memoir that discusses the transition from a punk rock adolescence to monastic life returning to western culture as a fashion designer. Frank currently lives in New York City.

MATTHEW BURGESS veered from a career in musical theater in 1987 after a pitchy performance of the Scarecrow’s “If I Only Had a Brain” at Our Lady Queen of Angels school. He has studied at University of Virginia, Naropa University, and Brooklyn College, where he received a MacArthur Scholarship and an MFA in Poetry in 2001. His poems have appeared in various journals and magazines, including Lungfull!l, Hanging Loose, and Big City Lit, and he’s published three chapbooks: Liftoff (2002), Yeah You (2005), and most recently, a series of photographs and poems titled Day After Labor Day (2007). Matthew has taught creative writing and literature at Brooklyn College for over eight years, and he also works for Teachers & Writers Collaborative as a poet-in-residence in New York City public schools. He is currently pursuing his PhD in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, proving to himself that he has a brain after all. He sings when no one’s around.

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