Thursday, April 3, 2008

News Flash: Enclave Anniversary a HUGE success

With such a successful year behind us expectations were riding high on Saturday. But with a bill featuring four highly talented writers, all from the collective Cafe Nueva York, is it any wonder that the event was a blockbuster as usual?

Things got rolling Friday night with a visual collaboration on Kenny’s front windows featuring a painting by Magali Lara and a poem by Carmen Boullosa. The result was an energetic statement that both artists illuminated further following its creation in interviews. While due to an unforeseen window washing misunderstanding the mural was erased before the reading, a video of the artists composing and speaking about their work will be posted shortly.

On Saturday the Sangria was flowing freely at Kenny’s. Things got off to a great start with Bolivian poet Eduardo Mitre’s poems. Then Naief Yehya continued the momentum with a hilarious story examining the economical potential of death rights. After a short break Jose Prieto and his translator read a section of his novel Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire, a beautiful tale of love, and well smuggling. Then acclaimed Mexican novelist, poet and playwright Carmen Boullosa took the stage and enchanted the crowd with a lively reading of her ghost story exploring poetic flatulence.

Afterward the crowd stumbled and stared as The Hot Magic rocked out, droning through a set list of psychedelic jams to the packed house.

Pictures of the event are already up so take a look at what you missed. Audio clips of the performances will follow shortly.

The next Enclave will be held Saturday April 26th @ 3:30PM and feature writers Clay McLeod Chapman, Brian Frank, Matthew Burgess & others. More info to come shortly.

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