Thursday, April 3, 2008

Enclave co-founder James Freed on NPR this Saturday @ 1PM

Well NPR as in Neighborhood Public Radio, not National Public Radio.

So what exactly is the difference?

Neighborhood Public Radio is a traveling band of guerrilla broadcasters who bring the power of the airways to the people. Originating from pockets all over the country this spring the Whitney Museum of American Art has decided to put this artist collective up in a make shift pirate radio station housed in a former shoe store as part of the current Whitney Biennial.
This Saturday April 5 at 1 PM Jim will present a version of his short story A Melodrama Composed for my Father on the Occasion of his Birthday that he has edited into a radio play at the NPR studio located at 941 Madison Avenue.

The concept? Composed of arguing voices, the piece is about a writer and his attempt to compose a melodrama - aka the gun in the drawer story.

The renegade actors troupe Amalgamation Extreme will also participate, along with perhaps some musicians as well.

So if you’re around stop on by the studio and say hello. If you can’t make it but happen to be around Madison between 73rd and 76th, flip on your radio to 91.9 FM. Otherwise online goto and pick up the live stream. Note, if you don’t have a live stream player on your computer you may need to download one for free. Go to:

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