Thursday, November 13, 2008



Saturday, November 22th @ 4 PM
Kenny's Castaways, 157 Bleecker Street, 212-979-9762
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Free and open to the public

LYNNE POTTS has been Poetry Editor of the Columbia Journal and is presently Poetry Editor at AGNI. Her work has appeared in journals including the Paris Review, Nimrod, Hayden's Ferry Review, and many others. She won the HD Poetry Prize from the Bowery Poetry in 2004 and the Backward City Poetry Prize in 2007. She was awarded a fellowship to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in 2007. Lynne has read at Poets House, Columbia University, Ear Shot, 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, and Cornelia Street Café as well as on WKCR, New York as a featured poet.

JARED HOHL is from Donnellson, Iowa.His fiction has appeared in the anthology The Apocalypse Reader and in the journals The Agriculture Reader and The Washington Square Review. 

“Let’s go out together,” La Maga said. “Look, Rocamadour is asleep, he’ll be quiet until it’s time for his bottle. We’ve got two hours, let’s go to that cafe in the Arab quarter, that sad little cafe where we feel so good.” But Oliveira wanted to go out alone. Slowly he began to extract his legs from La Maga’s embrace. He stroked her head, he ran his fingers around her neck, he kissed the back of it, he kissed her behind an ear, listening to her cry as her hair hung down over her face. “No blackmail,” he thought. “Let’s cry face to face, but not with that cheap sob you pick up from the movies.” He raised her face up, he made her look at him.”

Know where this quote comes from? Come to Kenny's on the 22nd and find out. You're invited in. Come. Be a part of the Enclave.
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